Slice – a media player powered by Raspberry Pi

A team comprised of Raspberry Pi Foundation insiders, directors of Pimoroni and a music producer have banded together under the title of FiveNinjas to launch a Kickstarter for a new media player called ‘Slice’.

The aluminium-cased player is based on the Compute Module and features a custom-designed host board that brings out everything you need to plug it into your television and play media from the inbuilt 1TB hard drive.

The team is as follows:

  • Mo Volans – Music Producer and Trainer
  • Jon Williamson & Paul Beech – Directors, Pimoroni
  • James Adams – Director of Hardware Engineering, Raspberry Pi
  • Gordon Hollingworth – Director of Software Engineering, Raspberry Pi

It’s certainly a very pretty media player, lit from the inside by what look like Neopixels. It’s not the cheapest – at £159 for early birds, rising to £179 – but it’s got that ‘cool’ feel to it that could be very appealing to the right market.

The Kickstarter runs until 25th September and can be found here.

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