Raspberry Pi robotics challenge competition rules announced

The organisers of the Cambridge Raspberry Jam (myself and Tim Richardson) have just announced the rules and challenges for the first ever dedicated Raspberry Pi robotics challenge competition. The competition will take place on 6th December 2014 at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge and registration for the event will open on 15th September. There is a warm-up Jam taking place in September which will have a focus on robotics so you can get help and learn skills that will aid you in the competition.

You can read all about the competition by visiting piwars.org. You can also listen to the rules and details about the competition challenges by going to the RasPi.Today podcast. Challenges include: straight-line speed test, three point turn, obstacle course, line following, aesthetics, code quality and more!

Pi Wars is also looking for sponsors for the competition, so if you’re a company or an individual that would like to help us out, and gain publicity in the process, please visit this page on the piwars.org site.

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