Controlling a model train with JS on the Raspberry Pi

Jonathan Porta has written a client/server application using Node.js and Angular.js on the Pi to control a model train set. He strapped a GoPro to the roof of the train and has got some great footage (below). You can view the code here and you can expect a write-up on his blog in the near future.

4 comments for “Controlling a model train with JS on the Raspberry Pi

  1. Why all the complex JS stack? You could simplify with jQuery and an active project called which have a very nice JSOM, aWebIOPiJSOMRou can reference custom python scripts after registering with the daemon.Really awesome project

    • Oh Bother! Mobile UI’s still suck.
      The project is WebIOPi, it runs as a daemon. I can’t type any more without my cursor randomly relocating, you have a cool project, though!

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