Great #RaspberryPi websites – RasPi.Today – @RasPiToday

This is number 9 in my list of Great Sites.

This time, it’s RasPi.Today, a fairly new site which showcases it’s own podcast and original interviews. It is currently the only website that offers a regular podcast. Created and managed by Russell Barnes, RasPi.Today was launched on 27th June with it’s first three podcasts, the first of which was an interview with Carrie Anne Philbin. It’s already gone from strength-to-strength with some exclusive news and interviews, most notably with Eben Upton when the Model B+ was launched on 14th July. Russell has clearly gone for quality over quantity and has cherry-picked the best, most important pieces of news, as well as highlighting niche projects such as 4tronix’s forthcoming Pi2Go. The Podcasts are improving all the time and I now look forward every Friday to the next instalment. The design of the site is clean & professional and it’s a real pleasure to visit.

And those are all the reasons why RasPi.Today joins my very small list of ‘Great Sites’. If you haven’t visited the site yet or you haven’t listened to any of the podcasts, head on over there now!

Many thanks to Andrew Schroeder for suggesting this worthy addition to the list of great sites.

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