More on the #RaspberryPi B+

Russell Barnes has scored a scoop by interviewing Eben Upton about the brand new Model B+ and has produced a special podcast. You can listen to the podcast by going to the site now and listen to Eben talk about the Foundation’s great new product.

There’s a lot of detail here about the design of the board, so please go over and listen to it and support Russell’s podcast! I’m not going to post spoilers, but it’s well worth listening to. I will say one thing: There will be an A+.


The Raspberry Pi Foundation included a video on their post with Eben and James introducing the board. Here it is:


Cases! So far, three cases have appeared. The first is the Multicomp case (£5):

the second is a case from ModMyPi (£5.99):

and the last is the expected PiBow (between £8.50 for the slimline Coupe and £12.95 for all the others):


Ben Everard from Linux Voice has written a very detailed review of the board here.

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