#RaspberryPi Pi in the Sky becomes a proper board

Dave Akerman has worked with Anthony Stirk to create a new GPIO board for the Pi to facilitate high altitude ballooning launches. Called Pi in the Sky, the board comes with the following features:

  • Efficient built-in power regulator providing run time of over 20 hours from 4 AA cells
  • Highly sensitive UBlox GPS receiver approved for altitudes up to 50km
  • Temperature compensated, frequency agile, 434MHz radio transmitter
  • Temperature sensor
  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Sockets for external i2c devices, analog input, external temperature sensor
  • Allows use of Raspbery Pi camera
  • Mounting holes and spacers for a solid connection to the Pi

… and comes with a full software suite to complement the outstanding hardware.

Beta testers have successfully flown their sample boards and the production boards are expected to be available mid-late July.

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