Fun and a hidden game with the ScrollBot from Pimoroni and a Raspberry Pi Zero W

Carl Monk has produced plenty of cool hacks in the past, and this time he’s had fun with a Pimoroni Scroll Bot kit. The new kit from the pirates includes the new Scroll pHAT HD (which has more LEDs than the regular Scroll pHAT) and Carl thought it would be fun to build a name badge out of it. But that’s not all! He also added two buttons on the back, and a LiPo to power it, and created an old-fashioned game of pong to run on the pHAT. You can read more about the build and get the code here.

Help a special school get some Raspberry Pi-powered pi-topCEEDs

Teacher Hannah Mills from Peterborough-based Marshfields School is running a Just Giving campaign to raise £1000. The £1000 will be used to purchase pi-topCEEDs to be used in class and after school to increase accessibility to physical computing. Marshfields is a special school catering for those with special educational needs and Hannah feels that the pi-topCEEDs are the best way to go to meet their needs, and I have to say I agree – quick set-up, easy access to the GPIO and lots of in-built child-friendly activities. Take a look at the campaign here and be generous if you can be! 🙂

Raspberry Pi Big Birthday Weekend #PiParty – videos of talks

David Ferguson attended the Raspberry Pi Big Birthday Weekend (Pi Party) this year and recorded many of the talks taking place in the auditorium. He’s uploaded all the videos to YouTube, and listed a couple of others by Alan O’Donohue, and created a playlist of them. View the playlist here. Great if you weren’t able to attend some, or all, of the talks – Thanks David & Alan!

My Music Box presentation video can be seen below:

Wimbledon Raspberry Jam – Sunday, 23rd April

Albert Hickey and Cat Lamin are running another Wimbledon Raspberry Jam on Sunday, 23rd April. Featuring talks, workshops and show-and-tell, this has turned into one of the best Jams in the South-East and is well worth attending. It runs from 1-4pm at the Merton Arts Space in Wimbledon Library. Get your free tickets here.

Make your stairs blinky and respond to the weather with ultra-bright LEDs and a Raspberry Pi

CAS co-ordinator Lorraine Underwood wanted to add some bling to her staircase. So she turned to a strip of Neopixel-type LEDs and a Raspberry Pi Zero. She added a weather feed so that different parts of the staircase light up depending on the weather outside. To find out how she did it, and to see a complete list of parts that make up the project, visit her blog.

New IndieGoGo campaign brings the power of infrared to your Raspberry Pi

Bulgarian Leon Anavi previously had success with the Anavi Flex board on IndieGoGo. Now, he’s seeking to raise $500 for his board, the Anavi Infrared pHAT. The board has the following features:

  • 2x 5mm IR transmitters (IR LEDs)
  • IR receiver (IR photo sensor)
  • Slots for up to 3 plug and play sensors
  • UART pins for debugging

… and comes fully assembled. The pledges start at $9 USD plus shipping for the board alone, and there are further pledge levels giving you sensors to plug in, and multiple boards. Delivery is expected between July and September.

To take a better look at the campaign and to pledge, visit IndieGoGo or watch the campaign video below: