ScratchGPIO gets support for the Pibrella #RaspberryPi add-on board

Pibrella | cymplecy simplesi

Simon Walters (@cymplecy) has been beavering away at his ScratchGPIO software. This software brings GPIO support to Scratch so that you can use LEDs and, now, expansion boards from the popular visual programming environment.

The latest board to receive support is the upcoming Pibrella from Cyntech/Pimoroni. I’m currently writing some material for the Cambridge Raspberry Jam next week which uses the Pibrella to teach kids about connecting to the real world so this couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Pibrella features 3 LEDs, a buzzer, a switch (with a fun large cap on it), 4 protected inputs and 4 outputs with LEDs showing status. You can also power the Pi using the micro USB connector on the board rather than the normal one on the side of the Pi. You’ll be able to purchase this board soon but you can see it in action at the Cam Jam if you’re coming along!

Other boards that have recently received support are: PiRingo, MotorPiTX, PiRoCon and the PiGlow.

Head on over to Simon’s blog to read more and download ScratchGPIO

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