Norwich Raspberry Jam – 27th May – Raspberry Pi enthusiasts of the East unite!

A number of organisations are getting together to present the inaugural Norwich Raspberry Jam on the 27th May. I haven’t got loads of detail at the moment, but it looks like they’re expecting it to be a fairly large event with workshops, talks, show-and-tell and vendors all present. To start with, they’re getting people to express an interest in helping with the event via a Google Form, so if you’re in the area, or are willing to travel to it, take a look at the form. There are other events occurring the week before as part of the Norwich Gaming Festival, but take a look at the form to find out about them.

I’m almost certainly going to be there and taking along the CamJam / pi-topCHAMPIONS pi-topCEEDs, and I’ve volunteered to give a workshop and a talk.

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