Measure temperature with Arduino and MCP9700

Found a useful tutorial on using this tiny temperature sensor with the Arduino. Using the Raspberry Pi to program the Arduino using ‘ino’ and then monitoring the serial output with ‘ino serial’, I got a temperature reading and the whole thing, including wiring up, took me less than 15 minutes!

Thank you kindly to the original author of the post, markal.

Next up from that same blog is using a PIR motion sensor!

Frustrating evening

Well. Right now I’m thinking of chucking everything in the bin.
I’ve got one 512MB Pi that freezes and/or crashes randomly. And now, apparently, my Rev 2 256mb board won’t boot unless I squeeze the SD card slot.

I’m particularly upset about the 512mb because it was going so well. I’ve tried swapping out everything, from SD card to wifi dongle to power supply.

I know I shouldn’t let the frustration get to me, but when the hardware just simply doesn’t work, not much recourse except the bin.

ARGH. Picture on left actual picture of my face this evening! (No, really, surprisingly close!)