Telecom Time Machine with a Raspberry Pi

The people over at Toymaker Television always like to start their projects by ‘building a time machine’. It’s kind of a broad statement, so we’ll ignore it for now. What they’ve done is to re-create an old retro computer with a Raspberry Pi and then hook that up to a modem by way of something called an Acoustic Coupler. That’s what people used to use to talk to modems over a serial line from their old green-screen ‘dumb terminals’ and get on the internet. The ridiculously complex Instructable is available here. I sound like I’m taking the proverbial, but actually it’s a beautiful project. Their video can be seen below:

1 comment for “Telecom Time Machine with a Raspberry Pi

  1. Bonzadog
    12 September 2015 at 9:01 am

    That is just a bit too retro for me.

    But how about having a look at this RPI re-creation of the famous
    PDP 8/I . Oscar has written that a PDP 11 may be on the way.!pidp-8/cbie


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