Interfacing #RaspberryPi with a Wiimote – additional info

Interfacing with a Wiimote - Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi

Just a quick note… you can tell the Wiimote to report, and tell the Pi to read, the state of the accelerometer on the Wiimote so you can work out its orientation.

Here’s a code snippet from the article:

#set Wiimote to report button presses and accelerometer state 
wm.rpt_mode = cwiid.RPT_BTN | cwiid.RPT_ACC 

Read the full Cambridge University article here

DSTAR amateur radio net with #RaspberryPi

Raspberry Pi – DSTAR amateur radio net | Dangerous Prototypes

The Raspberry Pi /DStar amateur radio group on Facebook combines two hobbies together, The Raspberry Pi computer and D-STAR radio. The group wants you to know about their R-Pi/D-STAR amateur radio net which will be conducted most Monday Nights starting February 18th, 2013 on REF026A (Vancouver, BC Reflector). Repeaters, DVAPsand Dongles are welcome to connect. The net starts at 1900 hrs PST local time (or 0300 hrs GMT Tuesday morning.)

While D-STAR radio is still slow in gaining popularity among ham radio ops due in large part to the cost of ICOM radios, this type of net provides an example of the excellent opportunities this radio-internet connected medium can afford to techies worldwide who hold amateur radio licenses.

Raspberry Pi – DSTAR amateur radio net | Dangerous Prototypes.

Adventures with Minecraft and a Gotcha on the #RaspberryPi

More adventures with Minecraft | Raspberry Alpha Omega

Frank at Alpha Omega has been having some more adventures with Minecraft. But he has found the one thing that is going to cripple a lot of people’s efforts – it can’t connect to shared Minecraft servers. Apparently, the Pi version is not the same as the regular version and is based on the Pocket Edition.

Disappointing on a number of levels. I feel his pain!

BBC Click features UK hackspaces and the #RaspberryPi

BBC Click, the well-known gadget and technology programme, has done a feature on UK Hackspaces and in particular features the Raspberry Pi as a great way to get involved. BBC Click: UK hackspaces and the Pi | Raspberry Pi.

If you’re in the UK and want to see this on your TV, watch Click on BBC News in the UK (Saturday 0130, 1130, 1530 and 2030; Sunday 0430, 0745, 1130, 1530 and 2030; Monday 0030) or BBC World News (Saturday 0830 and 1630 GMT; Sunday 0430 and 1330 GMT). It’ll also appear on iPlayer soon.