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crewpatch.jpgJourney into Space was the last radio programme in the UK to attract a bigger evening audience than television.
Originally, four series were produced (the fourth being a remake of the first), which went on to be translated into 17 languages.
Michael Standing, then Head of the BBC Variety Department, asked Charles Chilton if he could write a science fiction programme, and Journey to the Moon (later known as Operation Luna) was the result.
Each half-hour episode would usually end with a dramatic cliffhanger, to increase the audience's incentive to tune in to the next episode. The original magnetic recordings of the show were erased shortly after broadcast, and for several decades, it was believed that no recordings of the show still survived. However, in 1986, a set of mis-filed Transcription Service discs (produced for sale to overseas radio stations) were discovered, containing complete copies of the three original series.
This discovery enabled the BBC to begin re-broadcasting the show in the late 1980s, and release copies of the show, first on audio cassette, and more recently on digitally restored CD and internet download.

The Search

A fan-fiction novel released in weekly parts.

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