Assignment Of The Agreement Traduzione

. The so-called recast is legal cooperation in which a Contracting Party which has signed an agreement is replaced by a new Party, with all other conditions of the Agreement remaining unchanged. Frequent short expressions: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Others Accept The Dutch State accepted the innovation and made available to NBF long-term debt at the interest rates in force before the crisis. . Search results: 94. Exact: 1. Response time: 314 ms. In accordance with Part 4, for phase (a), the nominal amount of capital may be calculated taking into account the innovation contract; the percentages shown in Table 3 apply. In determining the value exposed to risk, institutions may take into account the effects of innovation contracts and other netting arrangements referred to in Article 295. In accordance with Section 3, institutions may take the innovation contract into account when defining.

the assignment or renegotiation of a derivative contract after trading, where one of the parties to the derivative contract is replaced by third parties. Reorganization of derivatives and continuation of hedge accounting Price for sub-blocking contract between the Hellenic Republic and NOA (after the reorganization of the four aircraft, the loan agreements were formally modified (by a new reservation) to allow the State to take over from the company as the beneficiary of the loan. Strategic Programme for Innovation and Technology Transfer (1989-1993). .