Tiktok User Agreement Age

The email recommends that users “copy all video links from the appendix into download software for download into the stack,” or “install another media player” if the files cannot be opened. YouTuber Living with Perks, whose daughter deleted her account, recommends downloading a Chrome extension to recover the video files. It is not certain that accounts and subscribers can be restored after deletion. California Consumer Rights Notice. Pursuant to California Civil Code Section 1789.3, California users of the Services receive the following specific notice regarding consumer rights: The Complaint Assistance Unit of the Consumer Services Division of the California Department of Consumer Affairs may be contacted in writing at the contact information set forth in www.dca.ca.gov/about_dca/contactus.shtml. Fallon #tumbleweedchallenge invited spectators to roll on the ground like tumbleweed with music; In one week, the Challenge attracted 8,000 submissions and 10.4 million engagements. This was the highest degree of engagement generated by such a “challenge” on the platform recorded up to that date. The number of users that TikTok thinks might be under the age of 13 raises the question of whether the company is doing enough to protect them.