Saudi Arabia House Driver Agreement

Sixth, it is permissible to authorize an alternative visa for the domestic worker or special driver after obtaining a visa for the final exit of the passport (stamp on the driver`s or worker`s passport) and the obligation on the employer to leave and prove it within two months. First, the Saudi family can hire a domestic worker or chauffeur once the conditions and financial capacity are met. 11-day leisure: Domestic workers or workers or workers employed in a household in the Saudi kingdom must be provided with at least nine hours of rest per day. (ii) All workers of the general category employed abroad (those who work in enterprises/enterprises) are covered by the provisions of labour law. Domestic workers (domestic, domestic, gardeners, etc.), agricultural workers in enterprises with less than 10 employees, crew members on board ships of less than 500 tons, workers holding a short-term visa visa, etc., are not covered by the Labour Law. * Add an official medical report for the male or female family nurse to ** Other professions, including female male or female housekeepers – male or female physiotherapist – male or female private teacher – specialist in male or female language and communication or other similar jobs that a person needs. Weekly rest period: All domestic workers or workers are entitled to a full-week day off. However, this is mainly based on the agreement concluded between the employer and the domestic worker in the legal employment contract. Most of the families currently living in the Saudi kingdom have one or more domestic workers employed in households. Although so many domestic workers live and work in the kingdom`s homes, few employers are aware of the fundamental laws, rights and obligations of the domestic worker or employer.

(i) The probation period provided for in the employment contract shall not normally exceed 90 days. It may, however, be extended up to 180 days with the written agreement of the parties. (ii) During the probation period, any party may terminate the contract without compensation or end-of-service benefits, the costs of return being borne by the worker. (i) It is the employer`s responsibility to provide, instead of the employer, accommodation or rental indemnity under the employment contract. Third, the admission of another driver if the applicant has more than one wife and child at school or the daughters of un married women. Ninth, the justification or attestation of financial capacity must be as follows: – Government official: a certificate from his employer indicating his monthly salary. – Employee in the private sector: a social security certificate indicating his monthly salary. .