End User Assignment Agreement

In the case of a first application for award, RIPE NCC has received the administrative fee This site indicates the conditions that a contract or agreement must comply with between an ITA and an end user. There are two relevant sections: Получающя сторона доллна вычистить из базы данных RIPE ве неточности регистрации и неиспользованные подтвердения выдачи адресов (attribution permissions). This License Agreement (“License”) is a binding agreement between you (“Licensee” or “you”) and the Licensor (defined in clause 1 below) for: 3.1 The End User may request an assignment using the corresponding application form (available under www.ripe.net). Maintenance fee: periodic fee to be paid by the end user to RIPE NCC for the processing of assignment requests and for the maintenance of orders placed during the term of the agreement. This Agreement governs the use of the Rancher-branded software and all updates thereto, each of which may contain multiple software components (the “Software”). Rancher reserves the right to update this agreement at any time. Rancher may notify you of changes, but your receipt of notice and/or future use of rancher support services after an update is your agreement to any changes to these Terms. Customer obtains a license to use the Cornerstone Application (the “Software”) provided that it agrees to any terms of the EULA. The use of the software by the customer after the date on which the EULA was presented is convincing evidence of the customer`s acceptance to be bound by this ITA. If the customer does not accept the EULA, he must completely uninstall the software from all the customer`s devices and destroy all copies under his control. В случае передачи провайдеро-независимых адресов, выделенных конечным пользователям, необходимо передать договоры с эользователям (end user assignment agreements). RIPE NCC may request an overview of the use of all Internet number resources registered with the RIPE NCC member organization and its customers with independent end-user endowments.. .

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