Just installed the Adafruit WebIDE

Well! Finally, after three attempts, I successfully installed the Adafruit WebIDE by following their instructions here:

Overview | Adafruit Learning System Raspberry Pi WebIDE | Adafruit Learning System.

One thing to note. the instructions are currently wrong. The IDE does NOT start on port 3000, it defaults to port 80. To change this (as I had to), you need to edit the following file:


and change the obvious line from 80 to the port you want. I actually changed it to 3000, just to keep continuity with the mistaken instructions.

Should be interesting to try and use it in anger in the next few days when I’m over at my parents and have some free time.

Redwing Pi scripts released

recantha/redwing-pi · GitHub

Following the Milton Keynes Raspberry Jam, and the fair amount of success running the PiPodCorder with a working temperature sensor and LCD read-out, I’ve decided to put the code onto GitHub in the hope that somewhere someone will find them useful!

Groups of scripts in the project include:

  • access_point – turn the Raspberry Pi into a wifi access point (I’m using this to tether a mobile phone to it so I can access the Pi from a VNC session running on the phone. But, the same principle applies for running it as a wifi router)
  • bluetooth – connect devices over bluetooth to the Pi (I’m using this primarily to connect a Rii Bluetooth Keyboard/Trackpad)
  • gpio – various scripts and modules to use the GPIO pins (Other scripts in there include: LCD control for a 16×2 display, LED on/off simple script, read from a TMP102 temperature sensor, read from an SR04 Ultrasonic distance sensor) multimedia – scripts to activate and use a webcam, including motion-detection
  • operating_system – update and upgrade your Pi with ease
  • software – various installation scripts for software packages and projects that run on the Pi
  • wifi – scripts to help you get your Pi running on a wifi network (for instance to run it ‘headless’)

To view the repository and see the code, please visit recantha/redwing-pi · GitHub.


Please note, I am running the Occidentalis RPi operating system distro from Adafruit, so that’s the best route if you want the scripts to work with more certainty.

RISC OS Pi released

Risc OS Open have announced the official release of Risc OS Pi. It’s available to download now (follow the link) and is actually hosted on the Foundation website, although they’ve yet to provide a link to it from their downloads page.

Risc OS used to be all the rage in the 80s/90s and is one of those “nothing wrong with it” operating systems that a) never made it to mainstream and b) you should try just if you like it.

Go get!

RISC OS Open: News: RISC OS Pi released (RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi).