Setting up LCD via GPIO on RasPi

I found these while reading my RSS feeds (If you click this link you’ll be able to subscribe to my feed that merges together over 100 different feeds into one).

These are great step-by-step articles from TechFruits, with circuit diagrams on how to get an LED breakout board working with the Pi. Wish I’d had these to work from when I did mine!

Read the articles here:

Setting up LCD via GPIO on RasPi – Part 2

Setting up LCD via GPIO on RasPi – Part 3.

Quick guide to getting on the Raspberry Pi IRC channel

IRC may be considered a bit ‘old hat’ now. It was launched 1988 and at the time was considered one of the best things since sliced bread. A text-only chat where you could meet untold millions of people talking about common interests… Or more sordid subjects if you liked that kind of thing.

Raspberry Pi is being discussed on it’s own channel – #raspberrypi. If you know how to get on IRC already, get over there – looks like it’s normally populated. You may even catch me on there sometimes.

For those of you without a clue, here’s a quick guide. You might have to find some menu options here and there, but this should give you a good idea of what’s involved.

I’m using a chat client called Pidgin in it’s portable format. So if you don’t like it or don’t use it, you just delete the folder and that’s it.

  1. Download and install Pidgin portable
  2. Start it up.
  3. Add an account for IRC (use the dropdown).
  4. Set a username and a password here. (The username is your irc ‘nickname’ that you’d like to use).
  5. Join a chat and specify the #portableapps channel. This will get you into the IRC system as you need to set-up additional security for the RPi channel.
  6. Type in:
    /msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <email address>
  7. This will register you and get a verification email sent to you.
  8. Go to your email and wait for the IRC one to come through.
  9. Follow the instructions to verify.
  10. Leave any of the channels/rooms you’re in.
  11. From Pidgin, join a chat and enter as the channel name: #raspberrypi.

You should then be into the chatroom and away you go – type type type!

ModMyPi sell random cases for £2.99

GAMBLE Mix N' Match Raspberry Pi Case

ModMyPi are selling their hard plastic case for the Pi in random mix-n-match paired halves. They’re calling it the ‘Gamble’. If you don’t care what colour you have, it’s a great deal at just £2.99 plus delivery.

(No, I don’t get kick-backs from them, it just seemed like a great deal)

GAMBLE Mix N’ Match Raspberry Pi Case.