#RiscOS for #RaspberryPi

RISC OS for Raspberry Pi | Raspberry Pi

The Foundation and RiscOS Open have just announced that RiscOS is available for the Raspberry Pi! It’s an interesting (though not as useful) operating system that came to fame on the Acorn Archimedes platform in the 1980s.

I say ‘just’ announced. It was actually announced by RiscOS Open 10 days ago and has now, finally, found it’s way onto the Foundation’s download page.

RISC OS for Raspberry Pi | Raspberry Pi.

Bambuser broadcasts in Linux

The valiant i8910

This is going to be a new project – to develop a live video web streaming app with the Raspberry Pi. My plan is to broadcast, via


Bambuser, using the Pi, and with the assistance of my valiant i8910, Church services at Potton Vineyard Church!

To do this, I’m going to try this method blogged back in Feburary 2011:

The mysterious swede: Bambuser broadcasts in Linux.

RPi goes mainstream @ The Guardian – Everyone wants a slice of Raspberry Pi

Great big article at the UK Guardian newspaper website followed by comments. One in particular made me grit my teeth. Apparently, the Pi is just for geeks and that if you want to learn a real language and make money, download Microsoft’s Express suite. What a moron. With all those pics of kids with Pis around, surely it’s about time people understood the value for education, at least!

Read the full article here:
Everyone wants a slice of Raspberry Pi | Technology | The Observer.

How to Make a Computer (reblog)

A really nice beginners article about putting a Pi together. The reason I’m blogging this is that the site is actually for teenage girls. That’s right – the Pi isn’t just for geek boys! (I know, I know, this isn’t a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, it just made me smile that the Pi has such widespread appeal)

Rookie » How to Make a Computer.