PiBang Linux OS

PiBang Linux

UPDATE: The creators of PiBang Linux have updated their download. However, they did not notify me in order to change my download. I don’t have time to keep on checking, so please don’t look here for more updates.

Saw a reference to this via ScoopIt and tracked it down myself.

This is a Linux distro inspired by Crunchbang Linux and based on Raspbian. There are a list of differences here. Key features seem to be removal of a lot of extraneous software (like Scratch) and use of the Openbox desktop environment, rather than LXDE. Apparently, Openbox is faster.

Release candidate 4 is now available to download.

PiBang Linux homepage is here.

ColdFusion Railo on Raspberry Pi

A fantastic article on how to run ColdFusion on the Pi in the shape of the Railo open source back-end. This is brilliant because, being a ColdFusion developer by trade, it means I can now use my native language on the Pi.

Should be interesting to create some libraries to interact with the GPIO. Possibly, this will mean using Java components called from CF. Brilliant! Thanks, Glyn.

Railo on Raspberry Pi – Glyn Jackson.