Proto-Plate #RaspberryPi Breakout Board

A few people at the MK Raspberry Jam were asking today about a board that plugs into the Pi’s GPIO pins that both myself and Daniel Bull are using. Well, here’s a link to an eBay lot currently selling these boards:

Proto-Plate Raspberry Pi Breakout Proto Board I2C SPI UART | eBay.

These are great boards if you want a small footprint prototyping area to solder onto. As you can see from the picture, it fits around all the ports and (see top-left of the board) comes with a plastic widget to support one corner.

Read two sensors on the same GPIO pins with the I2C bus on the #RaspberryPi @Raspberry_Pi

Raspberry Pi I2C (Python)

This great Instructable finally opens my eyes to what can be achieved using I2C. In short, it gives instructions for reading two sensors on the same GPIO pins. In other words, you wire both sensors up to the same two pins on the Pi and let the Pi access them via different addresses. The sensors are essentially “broadcasting” their data signal in two different “parts” (or addresses) of the signal, allowing you to access them separately.

Raspberry Pi I2C (Python).

SK Pang starts selling Quick2Wire boards for #RaspberryPi @Raspberry_Pi

Harlow-based supplier SK Pang has just announced via Twitter that he’s stocking the Quick2Wire interface board kit (£11.90) and also the I2C port expander kit (£8.50). These are very reasonable prices for what are sure to be very popular, very usable boards. Snap them up now!

Quick2Wire Boards : SK Pang Electronics, Arduino, Sparkfun, GPS, GSM.

Home automation with the #RaspberryPi / @Raspberry_Pi

Home automation softwareHome automation is part of our future, whether we like it or not. Here are a few examples of automation as it relates to the Raspberry Pi.

In this short video, Simon Maple and Andy Stanford-Clark show the new WebSphere Liberty Profile interfacing with Really Small Message Broker (RSMB) via an MQTT client (eclipse Paho). This results in MQ messages being sent to control devices 50 miles away on the Isle of Wight! Part of the set-up runs on a Raspberry Pi.

This was originally featured on Controlling a House 50 Miles Away With MQTT and Raspberry Pi | Server Zone.

Here’s another home automation video I found on YouTube:

Here’s another video where GPIO is used to control relays

These next two videos are another example of home automation. There is also a blog covering the project. They claim you can do it for under £30, which all RPi owners know is a bit of a fib as the Pi itself costs more than that to get it delivered. But, anyway…

Here’s a video about a project called PiHome. This has a website with supporting code and information.

Jon Skagmo has developed a transmitter for use in home automation projects called PiHAT.

And of course the now-classic combination of SiriProxy opening a garage door with the help of a Raspberry Pi.