VGA output on the Pi…

When it comes to getting Raspberry Pis into schools, I believe that the biggest hurdle is what monitors (displays/screens) the school has available. Perhaps something like this could be used? It’s a circuit board that outputs VGA, but I’m not sure of the input.

Or perhaps we could get away with a composite video to VGA socket?

Element14 lets London school cook up Raspberry Pi code | IT PRO

>Element14 lets London school cook up Raspberry Pi code | IT PRO:
A group of London school children have been given the chance to test out their coding skills on a Raspberry Pi computer.
Nearly 250 students at St Saviour’s Primary School in Paddington, London, got their hands on the British-developed device to programme a Lego robot crocodile as part of the school’s day of creativity.
The credit card-sized computers were supplied by Raspberry Pi global distributor element14.